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Congenital dolichosigma means the presence of an additional 2-3 loops of the sigmoid colon. The phenomenon is explained by intrauterine infections of the fetus, the mother’s unhealthy lifestyle during pregnancy, and genetic characteristics. The acquired form of medications for female hair loss develops as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and dietary errors. Dolichosigma in adults and children has several stages. They are characterized by different lengths of the sigmoid colon and differ in the nature and severity of symptoms. The general condition does not suffer, constipation rarely recurs, stool can be normalized by using laxatives.

  • Constipation recurs frequently; not only dietary adjustments, but also the use of laxatives are ineffective.
  • Against the background of problems with defecation, a number of signs arise that indicate severe intoxication.
  • The decompensated stage of chronic coprostasis against the background of dolichosigma in children and adults develops with a disease duration of more than 7 years.

Vague symptoms of the pathology cause late detection of an anatomical disorder. In 8 out of 10 cases, the patient is hospitalized with suspected intestinal obstruction. At any stage, peritonitis can develop, especially during the period of decompensation. This condition can be fatal, so if you experience prolonged constipation, it is important not to buy fda approved hair loss seeing a doctor. The symptoms of dolichosigma are as follows.

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There is no bowel movement for 48-72 hours. Chronic constipation due to dolichosigma often develops in males. Coprostasis is characterized by a more severe course, the development of multiple complications, and a predisposition to decompensation of the pathological process. It is often recurring constipation that prompts you to consult a doctor and undergo an examination, during which the presence of dolichosigma is determined.

Pathological phenomena are explained by the presence of additional loops, which make it difficult to buy prescribed medication for hair loss the anus and pass gases. Dysbacteriosis is an indispensable symptom that accompanies chronic constipation in patients with dolichosigma of the colon. Disruption of the natural microflora negatively affects motor function. The accumulation of gases is associated, among other things, with disturbed microflora.

Asthenovegetative complaints. Dolichosigma of the sigmoid colon causes headaches, feelings of fatigue, muscle weakness, tremors of the arms and legs, and sleep disturbances. The symptoms are caused by processes of endogenous colonic intoxication. In adult patients, sexual function is impaired due to weakened libido.

Abdominal pain syndromerum What is characteristic is that pain with dolichosigma decreases or disappears after defecation. In children, bowel movements often occur due to encopresis (fecal incontinence).